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 Scott Marshall is an actor, director, playwright and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  He has adjudicated thirty three full length or one act finals throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.  These have included seven British All Winner Finals since 1985, three Athlone All-Ireland Finals and six Irish one act finals.

In 2001 he had the distinction of being the only British or Irish adjudicator ever to have been invited to assess the one act plays from twenty four countries at the World Festival of Amateur Theatre held quadrennially in Monaco.


Recently turning to playwriting he has had immediate success.  Home Boy Home was produced professionally, touring a number of venues including the Grand Opera House.

His second full length play, The Threefold Cord, published by Samuel French (London) has already had eight different amateur productions in England, N. Ireland and, last year, in Kenya.

“The Martha Syndrome” won the N. Ireland One Act Final and represented this country in Cardiff at the British Finals in 2016.


“Eating The Lino” was published in Germany in the same year.

As always, Scott looks forward with immense pleasure to his week at this, his “local” festival of which he is a Patron and we look forward to his comments each evening.

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